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Core Business

Core Business

Our company provides injection molding of plastic compounds. Our specialty is providing technical knowledge, aesthetics, bi- and tri-materials, with molded inserts, in particular with painted, silk screened, laser marking to a completed assembled product for our customers.
Each component is carefully evaluated and studied to achieve an optimize production process and product.
Our customers are provided with technical support from the first phase of design. We partner with our customers throughout the production process, including the design of the component, design and mold manufacturing, molding, surface finishing and assembly.
Our commitment continues in the post sale phase with supporting the customer in the management and resolution of problems.
Our focus on automated processes benefits our customers with process stability with a competitive advantage.



“Competitiveness based on supplied Quality and Services.” Elettroplast provides its customers with the know-how in the molding of plastic components with the aim of reducing production costs by ensuring quality of products. The molding process is daily improved with the continuous search for new solutions and technologies. Quality, service, timing, and price are the key components of any project of our valued customers. Elettroplast transforms these factors into our customer’s successful objectives.

Raw Materials

Raw Materials

The knowledge of raw materials which are processed covers a broad spectrum, and include:
• STD polymers: SAN, PP, PS
• Techno polymers: ABS, PMMA, PC, PA6, PA66, PA12, POM, PBT
• Super polymers: PPS, PPA, PVDF, PEEK
They are also used with specific formulas for the various projects (e.g. loaded fibers or glass balls with mineral fillers, additived UV , with UL certifications or Food Contact)


Quality System

Quality System

Elettroplast is ISO 9001 quality certified by the prestigious Kiwa Cermet. This certification guarantees quality products and services offered. Elettroplast’s primary objective is pursuing improvements and achieving the highest standards for our clients.
Ensuring the customer receives the highest standards of safety and reliability for the products supplied, it is a fundamental Company principle.

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