Quality: another word for reliability and performance

“Work well all the time” is exactly how Elettroplast applies the concept of quality to everything it does. Not as a barrier stuck at the end of the process to block everything that fails to meet the required production standards, but as the efficiency of all the processes involved in the company’s production chain.

For us, offering our customers a top quality service means correctly organising the production process from the very beginning, so avoiding production stoppages and having to repeat the production of non-conforming lots and so eliminating the inefficiencies that generate useless costs.

To guarantee our service, we dedicate the utmost care and attention to the following activities:

  • analysing the designs;
  • assessing the type of machinery and moulds required;
  • monitoring the treatment and preparation of the raw materials;
  • checking the moulding process;
  • analysing the most suitable packaging types and storage conditions;
  • certifying the product with the proper reports.

Nothing can be left to chance, every design and every customer have their own personal DNA and we serve them based on their unique specific requirements, ensuring the application of continuous and constant technological updates. For example, Elettroplast has been using structured light 3D scanning since 2017 (ATOS CORE system produced by Gom), a technology that permits the analysis of the surfaces, promptly highlighting any variations that emerge due to the comparison with the design calculations or by placing them over the approved “golden Sample”.

We have obtained the ISO 9001 and ISO 14.001 certifications with prestigious certification body Kiwa Cermet. A goal that guarantees the reliability of our internal processes and the quality of the products and services offered, with a practical commitment to the environment that hosts us.

The Elettroplast production process has also been certified, and is constantly monitored by our major customers

Obiettivo importante sarà il conseguimento della certificazione UL per fine 2023.