For more than thirty years, Elettroplast has molded plastic components for a variety of customers and for different fields.
Founder Bruno De Bastiani has managed Quality Systems for important companies, such Holzer and Eaton for more than twenty years.
In Paludi’s Plant (Industrial zone of Pieve d’Alpago), the De Bastiani family carries on their business, following the cardinal principles of the founder:
• Customer oriented,
• Quality
• Research of new technologies and automations
• Continuous technological update

Elettroplast was one of the first molding companies to leverage automation process technology (robots, dedicated automation, anthropomorphic); this winning strategy distinguishes Elettroplast in the molding industry and ensures the highest quality products while keeping production costs low.
Over the years the company has continuously invested in the field of technical molding, automation and timing, in order to ensure customers delivery times are always faster; providing response to changing market demands: Just in time, Kanban.
Since 1977, when the first press printed the first item, much progress has been made: Today, Elettroplast utilizes thirty-nine machines, updated with the latest generation technology with continuous production and greatest attention to the customer’s needs.
On 2014, sister company, Techno Assembly, was created to give to our customers a complete horizontal and some vertical level of services, focused on processing previously managed outsourced processes, such as: assembling subassemblies, testing of assembled components, personalization by laser marking.
We works “eight days a week, because it’s the eighth day which makes satisfied customers”…..it’s the one in which also impossible could be done, solving customers problems.

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    Qualità, servizio, timing e prezzo:

    i nostri e i vostri obiettivi

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    Automatic feeding system

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    Warehouse - Raw materials

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    Warehouse - Raw materials

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    Warehouse - Tools

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